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sexta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2008

The King and the Star

Once upon a time there was a King
who fell in love with a Star
that was not too far
but a bridge.

The King never had anything
but his kingdom of convenience,
never longed any self experience
till he see that shine.

One day he just got bored.
So he got down to the streets
and crossed the bridge
to meet the star.

He reached out his star,
now could say that's his
nothing against this
but his cowardice

He thought the splendor
sooner would blind him
and his power could dim
so kept closed-eyes.

And the King with his closed-eyes
did not see what could be made.
The fear and sadness could fade
but they didn't.

The King choose come back to his kingdom
and hide himself in his proud
faking smartness to the crowd
but burning inside in shame.

The Star still shines;
The King's still closed-eyes;
Time's gone,
Both alone.


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